Surgical Treatment

Dr. Mehul's Dental Care is providing all dental surgeries under one roof.

Minor surgeries :
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Frenectomy - Tounge Tie Treatment
Alveoloplasty- Levelling of Bone
Apicectomy- Cyst Removal

Major surgeries :
Oral Surgery for OSMF (Oral Fibrosis Treatment)
Cyst and Tumors Treatment
Maxillofacial Fractures- Wiring and Plating
TMJ Surgeries

Images of case of Surgeries

Case : patient having pain in relation to TM joint so do the TMJ Lavage

Case : Removal of high frenum attachment in lower front teeth

Case : Removal of mucocele cyst from lower lip

Pre- surgery

Removal of mucocele cyst

Post - surgery