All types of Denture under one roof to replace your missing teeth. Modern technology has improved the quality and strength of the denture to improve oral health function and smile.

What are the advantages of Denture?

  • Denture replace teeth in edentulous areas which help one to chew food easily.
  • Denture improve facial appearance, which in turn increases self esteem and self confidence.
  • Denture improves facial appearance by giving support to cheeks and lips
  • People are able to speak better

Partial denture

A removable partial denture (RPD) is for a partially edentulous dental patient who cannot have a fixed bridge for any number of reasons, such as a lack of required teeth to serve as support for a bridge or due to financial limitations.

Dr.Mehul's Dental Care & Implant center, provides advanced partial denture like flexible denture or cast partial metal denture which are more comfortable and give more stability.

Flexible Denture

Cast Partial Denture

Full Denture

Full denture are used if there are not any teeth left for support. The full is held in place by a natural vacuum in the mouth.

Unbreakable denture and characterised denture also available which is give natural look of teeth

Implant supported Over-Denture

Denture can be made to lock into your mouth. This provides you the ability to chew and eat things your old denture may not have allowed you to. With as few as two implants, a lower denture can go from a wobbly mess to a stable set of teeth.

Screw-Retained Denture

Screw-Retained Denture offer a fixed implant solution for edentulous patients desiring a stable and esthetic replacement for removable prostheses.